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FAMOHIO 2021 is now history and was a very successful endeavor as evidenced by the approximately 100 families who attended all or part over the course of the weekend. Virtual events have challenges, but also allow folks who could not travel or stay for the entire weekend to attend. Attendees found their own niches and enjoyed sessions from mental health to cooking with Chef Mike making scrumptious mac and cheese aka “creamy dreamy mac and cheese!”

Coming together, seeing old friends and making new friends while engaging in education has always been the hallmark of FAMOHIO. Learning about new treatments and the latest products on the market to help the community engage in their plan of care is also a valuable objective of FAMOHIO. All these experiences help the community live their best life with a bleeding disorder. And, all these experiences were available at FAMOHIO 2021!

The FAMOHIO board would like to thank all the presenters who shared their knowledge and time with us. Sessions on Von Willebrand Disease and new products in tandem with advocacy and insurance challenges gave everyone something to choose. Denny Baker and his side kick, Arnold added levity and fun to our time together. Our program also could not occur without the generous financial contributions from our benefactors. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated. And, kudos to those who headed up our specialized rooms such as the Vendor Meet and Greet, Women’s Room, Men’s Den and the Crew’s In. We all enjoyed the yoga break and the cookie contest along with the excitement of Jeopardy and the Science Fair. Last but not least we thank our board and event leader, Lisa Raterman from L.A. Raterman and Associates. Lisa ensures the weekend remains top notch.

Please take a moment to review the 2021 program book that is posted above under Past Events. Whether you were able to attend or if you missed FAMOHIO this year, the review promises to engage your interest and make you anticipate next year’s event. We hope to meet in person next year! Mark your calendars for August 5-7, 2022. Details and registration will be posted to this website and shared via Face Book next Spring!


For nearly 30 years, approximately 400 adults and children in the bleeding disorder community from across Ohio have come together to share an incredible weekend of education, activities, networking, and fun! The board of FAMOHIO, Inc. starts planning each January meeting quarterly or more frequently, to develop the best weekend possible.


FAMOHIO,Inc. annually recognizes individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution to or impact in the bleeding disorders community. If you know of an individual or organization, deserving such an award, please submit a nomination identifying the person and explaining why that person should receive an award to FAMOhioInfo@gmail.com.


Many volunteer hours of hard work are donated by dozens of community members, interested parties, industry groups and the FAMOHIO, Inc. Board of Directors.

FAMOHIO, INC. Founding Fathers

In March of 1992, during the AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) crises, six men came together to discuss their future and the future of their blood brothers. These men all carried the diagnosis of hemophilia and as a result of treatment for hemophilia had contracted HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). Instead of wallowing in self-pity they channeled their anger and feelings toward a positive goal. These men believed education was the key to ensuring the future for all people affected with bleeding disorders. In the summer of 1992, their creation, a state-wide, educational symposium was held called FAMOHIO. That year, FAMOHIO was the acronym for “first annual meeting of hemophiliacs in Ohio.” Going forward, FAMOHIO became known as “family annual meeting of hemophiliacs in Ohio.”

In the beginning the attendees generally carried the diagnosis of hemophilia. As time progressed the meeting grew in size to include people and families living or treated in Ohio with numerous bleeding disorders. The FAMOHIO founders believed that an annual meeting of people/families with bleeding disorders provided opportunities for shared information and increased knowledge through education and camaraderie. The current FAMOHIO board shares the founders’ beliefs.

The positive rippling effects of FAMOHIO are difficult to quantify. However, attendees largely agree that the FAMOHIO experience provides increased knowledge and a better understanding of how to live with a bleeding disorder.