FAMOHIO, Inc. History:
Six men founded FAMOHIO, Inc. in the spring of 1992. That year, “FAMOHIO” was the acronym for “First Annual Meeting of Hemophiliacs in Ohio” but it has since meant “Family Annual Meeting of Hemophiliacs in Ohio.”

FAMOHIO, Inc. was grown out of the frustration of these adult men and their colleagues who had been infected by HIV in part because of the failure of government, product manufacturers, hemophilia organizations and others to adequately manage the quality of factor and communicate in a timely manner the risks of treatment. These men believed that an annual meeting of hemophiliacs and their families would provide an opportunity to share information, educate themselves, and work together for their common good. It was hoped that such a symposium would minimize the likelihood of a recurrence of such a calamity.

Of the six men who organized FAMOHIO, Inc., Tommy Burr, Tom Drake, Ira Gaffin and Darrell Hairston have died. All four were active in and strong advocates of the hemophiliac community, and left behind loved ones as well as many friends who have ensured the continuation of FAMOHIO, Inc.